Sunday, January 14, 2018

1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up Ages 0-3

This is a project I've been working on since 2015. I've been gradually reading my daughter the books mentioned in 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up by Julia Eccleshare. This is a really difficult list to work through as many titles are simply not available in English. For instance, Fly, Little Bird is only available as Vola, Uccellino! and Alvin Says Goodnight doesn't seem to actually exist anywhere in any language. It should be Albin sager Godnatt but I couldn't find it under that title either. Julian the Rabbit is actually Julio Bunny here in the US. A few things like that made some of these books really hard to find. At the time, Little Spook's Baby Sister was really expensive, so we didn't end up reading that one. If you are interested in working through this list, it is well worth it to buy Eccleshare's book. I keep notes on the books in the margins and it's something I plan to give to my daughter when she's an adult. It will be a keepsake of the reading we did together.

The Little Engine that CouldWatty PiperLois LenskiY
Pat the BunnyDorothy KunhardtY
Make Way For DucklingsRobert McCloskeyY
The Runaway BunnyMargaret Wise BrownClement HurdY
The Three Railway EnginesReverend W. AwdryWilliam MiddletonY
Thomas the Tank EngineReverend W. AwdryReginald PayneY
Goodnight MoonMargaret Wise BrownClement HurdY
Lavender's BlueKathleen LinesHarold JonesY
Bedtime for FrancesRussell HobanGarth WilliamsY
MiffyDick BrunaY
Rosie's WalkPat HutchinsY
The Elephant and the Bad BabyElfrida VipointRaymond BriggsY
The Very Hungry CaterpillarEric CarleY
Mr. Gumpy's OutingJohn BurninghamY
Meg and MogHelen NicollJan PienkowskiY
Good Night, Alfie AtkinsGunilla BergstromY
Little Brown BearClaude LebrunDaniele BourY
Little Spook's Baby SisterInger SandbergLasse SandbergN
Fly, Little BirdFrancesco AltanY
Each Peach Pear PlumAllan AhlbergJanet AhlbergY
Where's Spot?Eric HillY
The Baby's CatalogueAllan AhlbergJanet AhlbergY
Dear ZooRod CampbellY
Good Dog, CarlAlexandra DayY
Bathwater's HotShirley HughesY
Tickle, TickleHelen OxenburyY
ElmerDavid McKeeY
We're Going on a Bear HuntMichael RosenHelen OxenburyY
Bunny BathLena AndersonY
KipperMick InkpenY
Maisy Goes to PlayschoolLucy CousinsY
Owl BabiesMartin WaddellPatrick BensonY
Handa's SurpriseEileen BrowneY
Alvin Says GoodnightUlf LofgrenN
The Bear Went Over the MountainJohn PraterY
Humphrey's CornerSally HunterY
Julian the RabbitNicoletta CostaY
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