Sunday, November 11, 2018

50 days left - November 10, 2018 update

I'm finishing up day 50 with 3,639 pages left to read, divided over the next 49 days that's an average of 74.3 pages per day to finish the Newbery books before January 1st. 

I finished up Rifles for Watie and I'm thrilled. I started reading this book April 2016, more than 2 years ago. I renewed it all 5 times that I could before returning it to the library and now I've checked it out 4 more times. But, wow, it's finally over. That's not even really fair to the book, I just wasn't in the mood for a civil war era book. I'm pretty bullheaded too, so, forcing myself to read a book I wasn't feeling took a lot. What's sad is, about halfway through it actually turned into an interesting book. If I would have come across it in the mood to read about the civil war, there's a chance I would have even really enjoyed the book.

I read a bunch more of Tales From Silver Lands. I know that book gets a bunch of hate on Goodreads, plenty of 1 star reviews. Obviously, it has that one big glaring issue of some white guy writing down a bunch of South American tales. That's obviously always going to be an issue. This is written sort of in the style of Grimm or Aesop and so on. But, because these are so modern, you really expect at this point to have some sort of reference information; where the tales were acquired and so on, but, that's not provided.  That's the part that really makes it a bit problematic. Other than that, most of the tales themselves don't have huge issues and some of them are even fun to read; that is, if you enjoy Grimm and so on. The lack of credit, including even basic things like which country the tale is from, is definitely an issue though. 

I did not read anymore "Story of Mankind". I decided that was more of a workweek sort of book, so, I'll probably make a bit of progress with that on Monday. :) 

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