Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I feel so bad that I haven't gotten around to updating this..

Well, it was like this, back in February I went on vacation and had this realization of what my life used to be, what it was at that point and what I wanted it to be going forward. Being up in Michigan during winter, cross country skiing, reminded me of the last time I was there doing that same thing and who I was then.

Back then, I was active in volunteering. I fostered kittens for a local shelter and did dog transports on the weekends. I fit that in around a full time job and full time school. I was incredibly busy, but I was also a lot more connected to my community. I had more people to talk to and interact with, I had this whole network of people locally that I could connect with.

I got back from vacation, saved up some money for a couple large ferret cages and I've been fostering kittens for the local shelter since March. Basically, I take in kittens that are about 4-5 weeks old and keep them until they weigh 2 lbs at which point they go back to the shelter for neutering and adoption. I've had between 1-3 litters of kittens at any one point since about March except for two weeks I took off in August. Though, during that two weeks I volunteered with a Trap Neuter Return group to neuter feral cats and went on vacation for a week.

I still wanted to read the Newbery winners this year and I have been doing that, BUT I didn't have time to read them and blog them and I definitely didn't have time to vlog them on YouTube. If you are curious what I thought of the books I've read so far, I did review them on Goodreads and I believe they scroll on the right side of my page.

Yesterday, I had 55 reading days left in the year and 4,209 pages of Newbery winners left to read. If I can average 77 pages per day, I can still finish the Newbery books in time. This is only about 20 pages more than I needed when I was still on schedule, so I didn't fall very far behind and I have a couple books partially finished that I haven't counted in that.

I think I will update this on a daily basis now until the end of the year so anyone interested can keep up with the drama of 'will I/ won't I' finish the Newbery books this year.

Happy reading! 

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