Thursday, November 15, 2018

November 15th, 2018 - 45 days left to finish the Newbery winners

Whew!~ it's been a crazy couple days and I'm pretty much afraid to tabulate how far behind I am. Basically, I got a nail in my tire a few days ago and trying to get it fixed between work was a ridiculous frustration. I had a bunch of foster kittens that had to go in for neuter and had a volunteer appreciation dinner. Pretty much, there has not been a good evening for reading. I read a little bit on lunch breaks, but, most of lunch has been spent making phone calls and dealing with stuff.

Anyhow, I did finish Tales from Silver Lands which actually was fairly decent. I also FINALLY finished Story of Mankind which wasn't bad either. If the title was changed to "The Story of Western Civilization" it would be a bit more fitting. Very Eurocentric and of course a few things that are not politically correct to say today. I read the original version, not the updated one, so perhaps a couple of those issues are fixed in the updated one. It does have a nice conversational style to it, probably best for adults who enjoy reading vintage history books.

3363 pages left as of this evening, so I need to read about 76 pages a day for the next 44 days. I lost a tiny bit of ground, but, not too bad considering how rough the last few days were. I really wish I had an ereader, would make my nighttime reading a lot more pleasant! Perhaps a nice black friday purchase to help me finish out the year.. lol

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